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Residential and industrial solutions

GSS offers you on grid, off grid and hybrid systems as solutions in the residential and industrial sector. Our industrial solar power solutions combine locally produced solar energy and storage packs to make eco-friendly and affordable power at industrial sites. The distributed energy range begins from 10 kW to 50+ MW and single unit of inverters with 30 kW, 50 kW, 100 kW and 300 kW of output power. Our solar energy management system consists of various integrated building blocks with intelligent energy inverters.

The grid-tied solar solutions of GSS range from 5kW to 50+ MW. These solutions are designed to minimise your energy costs, carbon footprints and multiply your business profits.


Housing Sector Solutions

The solar management of GSS possess complete 5kW, 10kW and 15kW solutions ready for deployment. Its residential systems include both on-grid and off-grid solar energy solutions. The off-grid solar solutions ensure the availability of solar power throughout the day and maximize your savings through net metered connections. The net metered systems push surplus solar produces into the grid. The units of the grid can then be adjusted against the electricity used during the night. The energy exported to the grid is included in the monthly electricity bill. Further, on-grid solar energy system requires no battery backup, due to which it is the cheapest available solar solution.


Agriculture Sector Solutions

To overcome the agriculture problems faced in maintaining agricultural needs, GSS is providing you affordable solar tube well systems. Solar energy tube wells produced by GSS have zero bills, uninterrupted power supply and budget-friendly investments for long periods. Our solar equipped tube wells and solar farms are highly reliable and guaranteed.


Telecom Sector

Energy is always a dominant cost component in the telecom sector. To reduce these costs, GSS manages data center load through sustainable energy systems and balanced transmissions of the energy load. Our base stations solar solutions are cost-effective and environmentally sound. Their primary purpose is better operation of the base transceiver stations and uninterrupted supply of grid connected energy. Moreover, the company allows operators to place their base stations with complete off grid independent energy solution.


Engineering Solutions

An effective earthing system is important for the safety of every electrical installation. GSS follows required safety norms for electricity installations through quality system of earthing and lightning arresters. We further help you in designing a perfect solar home through checking your required electricity energy needs. On purchasing our latest LED light technology your utility costs will also reduce. Green Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd provides emergency power and lightening system in case of longer power outages through its solar panels and high-quality charge controllers.

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Green solar solutions pvt ltd

Green Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd ( GSS ) is one of the leading residential and industrial solar and renewable energy solution provider, with customers across the country.

Our Mission is to foster sustainable development and to create a better and cleaner earth for future generations by bringing electricity powered by the sun to millions of people worldwide.


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